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Functional. Total fitness. All fitness levels. Empowering. FUN! Maximize your time: JACS Total Health & Wellness channel has created content that can be followed easily, its diversity ranges from strength training, to HIIT workouts, Tabata’s, plus challenges – you will hit multiple muscle groups, in addition to connecting mind to body. Changing up the routine, changing up the exercises: you’re going to find different timings, different mixes, and different ways to work from head to toe! Challenge and change all the way, change being the key word to keep you going.Build muscle. Gain strength. Heart health. Cardio endurance. Nutrition. Behavioral change. We need it all to sustain Total Health. I want to connect with you, and run the healthy journey as partners in fitness! When you’re working out with me, I want you to feel like we are together with me pushing you through to affect that end of workout feel good! There are workouts for everyone; there’s an opportunity to progress through the content by increasing your time, increasing intensity, or even combining workouts. Science based, research based: each workout is designed for you to optimize your time and to get results!

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Be a Better You: Follow JACS Lead
Build muscle. Gain strength. Maintain Heart health. Cardio endurance. Nutrition. Behavioral change. Use JACS follow along workouts to sustain health, wellness, and longevity. Jacquese has the workouts you need to change your body. What are you waiting for?
Variety in Format and Length
HIIT. Tabata, Body weight. Equipment. Quick workouts. Extensive workouts. JACS Program Library has workout that will meet your schedule on a daily basis. If you want the results that many of her viewers are seeing, subscribe today.
All Fitness Levels Welcome
There are workout options for all levels. There is absolutely no excuse that someone cannot participate in a JACS Workout. Each workout has options for every fitness level, to protect your longevity and safety.

The Power of Intensity: Results

Rachel has been a loyal member of JACS Instruction for just over a year. Religiously following each class, Rachel has lost over 100 pounds and continues to shed the pounds.

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